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Refrigeration Solutions

Your equipment needs to be efficient, cost-effective and reliable refrigeration plays a vital role in achieving this and much more.

The Most Advanced Technology

Chillflow Solutions are HCAV experts and offer a range of products to support our client’s maritime, offshore and industrial refrigeration requirements. Our team of highly trained specialists have access to the most up-to-date technology, and we are committed to delivering the best solutions for your facilities.

Increase efficiency - Upgrade your technology - Cut overall costs

Chillflow Solutions Australia

Chillflow’s Industrial Refrigeration Products

We offer a wide range of services and products to suit our customers’ varying needs and goals. Chillflow has a proven track Chillflow Solutions offers a range of services to suit your goals, we are experts at fulfilling our client refrigeration needs through the provision of:  ecord for delivering the following refrigeration solutions for facilities:

Bespoke Refrigeration Packages

Chillflow Solutions are experts in the in solving complex HVAC problems and we have the skills and expertise to design, manufacture, and install bespoke refrigeration packages in response to the most challenging requirements. We provide a convenient  single source solution, taking care of everything from initial consultation to commissioning and on-going life cycle support.

Marine & Industrial Refrigeration Services

Our expertise and understanding of HVAC systems is unsurpassed and allows our staff to provide a range of professional services to ensure our clients industrial refrigeration requirements are fulfilled. We provide our clients with services from initial concept, design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning. 


Chillflow Solutions’ services ensures that our client’s cold stores, freezer stores, galleys and cooling key electronic components are operating at the highest efficiency.  Our team can help you identify what is needed to achieve your goals and utilise our specialist expertise to develop and implement bespoke solutions.

Chillflow’s refrigeration solutions

Our refrigeration expertise and experience gives you peace of mind, knowing that your products remain in the best possible condition. Our installations offer you the means to cool or freeze products on demand and ensure safe operation at all times. Contact us today to discuss your organisations requirements and how we can help you.