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Every vessel is unique and requires a specific approach to achieve short- and long-term business goals. At Chillflow Solutions, we provide a custom-built system for every project. We carefully and methodically utilise resources and labour in tandem with the most advanced technologies. In doing so, we help customers maximise efficiency and productivity. Thanks to our specialist engineers’ vast experience and hard work, we maintain a superb reputation in Australia for design, installation, and servicing solutions.

We excel in the following areas

Chillflow Solutions offers more than the means to solve problems.
We provide targeted solutions to meet your current demands and for many years to come.


Chillflow Solutions’ sovereign capability provides robust, reliable marine engineering solutions to the Australian Defence Force. These products and services include chilled water systems, HVAC and refrigeration stores equipment.

Our team are experts and understand the challenges faced during military operations. This makes Chillflow Solutions the perfect choice for solving even the most complex problems.

Using the latest technology, we design and install new systems to replace obsolete, outdated equipment. We don’t just upgrade; we future-proof existing plants.


Super Yachts

The demands and standards of the superyacht industry are as high as it gets. Aesthetics, quality, reliability, and efficiency must be a cut above the rest, with no excuses. Our bespoke services, covering chilled water plants, refrigeration breakdown, maintenance, and ventilation, can be tailored to suit a client’s every need, and we commit ourselves to ensure reliability and peace of mind.


A vital part of our superyacht services is optimising energy efficiency. This extends the life of all your equipment and reduces the cost of ownership. Both of which allow you to invest time and money into other crucial aspects of owning or running a superyacht.Our wealth of experience allows Chillflow Solutions to provide a wide range of engineering products and services to the superyacht industry. 

Cruise Liners

Cruise ships have high standards, tight deadlines and demands that define the industry. The need for efficient refrigeration and air conditioning is absolute.

A comfortable and enjoyable climate and food and beverage safety are necessary for the hospitality sector. A reliable and highperforming HVAC system cannot be overlooked when combined with operating away from shore-based services.

Our engineering team understand the cruise industry’s requirements and possesses the skills and understanding for long-term success.

Commercial Shipping

For commercial and industrial vessels, reliability, comfort and practicality are key. Those onboard must be safe and comfortable to allow uninterrupted operations — refrigeration and air-conditioning play a huge role in this regard.

Chillflow Solutions’ engineering solutions offer peace of mind, enhance operations, and improve the quality of life for those on board. 

Chillflow’s Marine Engineering Solutions:

Chillflow’s marine engineering solutions

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