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Chilled Water Systems

Chilled Water Systems

High-quality chilled water cooling systems can improve your business’s energy efficiency and enhance your operations. Central cooling systems are most common in medium and large-sized buildings. They provide a cooling solution for an entire building or across several co-located facilities where it is more practical to centralise air conditioning equipment in one location rather than installing several units in various locations.

Chilled water plants offer greater energy efficiency than small, individual air cooling systems and simplify life for maintenance engineers.

Expert engineers

Chillflow Solutions’ engineering team has a wide range of experience and knowledge on various chilled water plants, ranging in capacity from 25 KW to 1350 KW using scroll, recap, screw, centrifugal, and magnetic oilless compressors.

Our expert engineers frequently work on chilled water plants and thoroughly understand the importance of delivering to customers on time and within budget.

We use the latest, most advanced technology to design and install new systems. By doing so, we allow you to replace old, obsolete equipment while upgrading and future-proofing your business operation.

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Increase efficiency - Upgrade your technology - Cut overall costs

Chillflow’s Chilled Water Plant Solutions

At Chillflow Solutions, we offer a vast range of chilled water plant solutions designed and installed by experienced engineers to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our industry-leading chilled water plant products include the following:

Air-Cooled Chilled Water Plants

If you have aesthetic and environmental conditions to consider or water access restrictions, an air-cooled water plant may be your best bet. Both air-cooled and water-cooled WPs depend on an air stream to transfer heat. The difference is that air-cooled chillers use currents of ambient air.

A typical air-cooled chilled water plant consists of a V configuration air-cooled condenser coil block above the compressors and plate type or shell and tube evaporator. Air-cooled chilled water plants tend to be outside of the building and, in some cases, have primary and secondary pumps, an expansion tank, an air separator, and a chemical treatment unit.

The benefits of air-cooled water plants include

Water-Cooled Chilled Water Plants

A water-cooled chilled water plant usually consists of a shell and tube type water-cooled condenser. The condenser is a heat exchanger that removes heat from refrigerant vapour and transfers it to the water. Cooling towers are outside of the building with a make-up water circuit to evaporate condensed water. Chilled water and condenser water pumps, expansion tanks and dosing pots are generally in a plant room close to the chiller.

Water-cooled chilled water plants have a cooling tower, meaning they are more efficient than air-cooled chillers. This is because water-cooled chillers condense according to the temperature of the ambient temperature bulb, which is lower than the ambient dry bulb temperature. Put simply, the lower a chiller condenses, the more efficient it is.

The benefits of water-cooled chilled water plants include


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Experienced engineers

Chillflow’s experienced engineers design, install and maintain both Air- and Water-Cooled systems and can assist you to realise the increased efficiency, lower costs and future-proofing benefits of these cooling systems.

Chillflow’s chilled water plant solutions

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