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Our dedicated and vastly experienced team can provide solutions for all of your refrigeration and air-conditioning requirements for the Marine, Offshore, Defence and Industrial sectors. This combined with our unique position as the sole appointed Australian distributer for J&E Hall limited (member of the Daikin Group) Marine and industrial products, allows us to engineer solutions to meet all our client needs.  This successful partnership has resulted in winning the tender to deliver five chilled water plants as part of a complete HVAC-R system design change fitted within wider vessel’s SEA3030 refit project.

This project is likely the largest ship repair project conducted in Sydney in the last 15-years, spanning over 300 days, costing approximately $90m and delivered by over 80 suppliers with up to 400 personnel involved each day.

We continually work in high-pressure environments developing innovative, value for money solutions using either standard or bespoke technology and have established a reputation for overcoming complex HVAC challenges whilst working to the tightest of deadlines.

Chillflow Solutions Australia

with J & E Hall Services

Chillflow Solutions has the engineering and technical expertise

Engineering design

Chillflow Solutions has the engineering and technical expertise to provide the complete end-to-end marine HVAC and refrigeration design service.


All equipment is carefully selected and manufactured to provide exceptional durability and reliability and our products have been proven in countless applications.


Chillflow Solutions provides customers with the reassurance of knowing that we can offer the complete supply and delivery solution for high quality refrigeration parts, HVAC parts and compressor spares.


Chillflow Solutions understands the importance of offering the complete marine HVAC & refrigeration solution, providing overall co-ordination, engineering and execution of HVAC installation works on marine vessels..


Once installation has been successfully completed, our team of skilled engineers can therefore work with customers to undertake rigorous sea and habitability trials in accordance with the most demanding standards before safely commissioning equipment.


Chillflow Solutions provide a range of specialist HVAC & refrigeration training courses for the packages that we provide. These training courses are tailored to meet the customer’s
requirements and are specific to the package that has been supplied.

service & maintenance

Chillflow Solutions provides various planned preventive maintenance services throughout the life cycle of a vessel. From a one-time technical health check to an integral through life support maintenance program.


Chillflow Solutions provides unrivalled spares, service and maintenance support, optimising the performance, reliability and working life of marine air conditioning and marine refrigeration systems. This enables us to maximize machine uptime and minimize downtimes.

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Expert Engineers

Our team of experienced expert engineers design and fit tailored engineering solutions to suit the needs of your organisation. Our unrivalled expertise and ever-growing customer base are testaments to our hard work and passion for the industry. We are specialist with the vital experience, skills and qualifications needed to succeed within our specialist area of the engineering sector. The quality and dedication of our team speak volumes about Chillflow as an engineering solutions provider and our position as an industry leader.

Equipment & Maintenance

Our team incorporates specialist calibrated test equipment to ensure the smooth running of your equipment. Combined with professional maintenance to prevent delays, downtime or any other issues. We offer a wide range of top-tier applications and products designed to maximize productivity and efficiency — therefore aiding the growth and success of your organisation.

The outstanding quality of our equipment and diligent maintenance provide a complete service. This has helped Chillflow Solutions establish an exceptional reputation within a highly competitive sector. We can help you identify aspects of your equipment that require improvement, then provide the tools and knowledge needed to enhance your daily operations.


Chillflow Solutions offers a bespoke, complete design service for new installations to ensure we consider and accommodate your specific requirements. We maximize output without impacting lead times or quality. We also provide in-depth training courses to help you and your team familiarize yourself with our equipment and gain the ability to use it as effectively and safely as possible.

We’re hiring

At Chillflow Solutions, we believe that our expertise and vast maritime experience are what set us apart from other companies. With this in mind, recruitment is vital for evolution, longevity and achieving our goal of becoming the engineering solutions provider of choice for the defence, commercial, offshore and maritime sectors.

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Chillflow Solutions Australia

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